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Anthropometric Variability and Applied Ergonomics



Anthropometric and biomechanical surveys on Italian populations: synchronic and diachronic variability, the secular trend of stature, incidence of overweight/obesity in relation with life style, and health implications at different ages. 

Ergonomic analysis of life and work environment and activity to identify potential hazards and to improve people's safety and well-being. 

According to the interdisciplinary characteristics of ergonomics studies we collaborate with other specialists in public and private research centers (Psychology Dep., Motor Sciences-SUISM, CNR-Imamoter; Boella Institute-ISMB; Interdipartimental Center ICT-ICxT) and our interests are actually focused on: - ageing problems: the age related changes, abilities decline, risks in performing common daily activities, and the "quality in use" analysis in relation to the home environment and technological tools. The aim is to monitor and promote safety, maintenance of autonomy and well-being, improving  environment and artifacts/elderly interaction;

  • Human Centred approach about the extension of the use of technological innovations, focused on the local and potential users' needs, explored in their complexity and variability, to address the design process in future innovations, new technology, social opportunities and cultural inclusion;
  • applied operations in various work contexts, manufacturing systems, industrial and agricultural companies, integrating different evaluation methods to assess biomechanical workload and comfort.
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