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Science Education Research




The increasing responsibility for the planning and implementation of educational projects addressed to future teachers (Bachelor of Education in Primary Education/four year degree course in "Scienze della Formazione Primaria"; refresher courses for secondary school teachers and new training courses for science teachers, which have been approved but are not yet operating) has been incorporated within a process of research which draws on the interplay between reflexive and experimental dimensions (Action-Research practices within educational contexts).

In collaboration with colleagues from  other disciplines (Earth Sciences, Geography, Pedagogy) we are involved in investigating some of the changes occurring within the theory and the praxis of science education  A relevant aspect of our research concerns the widening  split of linguistic 'labels' from lived experience. Urbanization processes and exposure to virtual worlds move us away from nature: our research, and the teaching practice that follows aims to develop consciousness of the 'reification' process of the natural world operated by scientific language, and promote a recovery of the meaningful links between language and embodied experience.


L' ambiente rurale e naturale come contesto educativo

PRISMA - Progetto di Ricerca sugli Insegnamenti e Apprendimenti Scientifici e Matematici
(Università della Valle d'Aosta)

Integrazione dei saperi e strumenti concettuali per la formazione alle Scienze della Vita

Giochi di ruolo e problematiche socio-ambientali complesse e controverse

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