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Sustainability Science and Education




This area of researchfits into the context of transition from traditional research on teaching/learning processes in science education towards the network of complex inter-relations between techno-science, society and environment (sustainability science and sustainable education). 

The increasing ability of humans to intervene at the local as well as the global scale has revelead even more clearly the complexity of the natural systems in which we are embedded. More and more, humanity has to cope with unexpected responses (from global warming to the emergence of new pathologies).

induced, large scale transformations of the natural systems require addressing the dimension of uncertainty, unpredictability and collective responsibilities. In such context, education has the difficult role of educating the students and the general public to act in a complex landscape, needing to acquire new forms of knowledge and new skills.

In tune with the present reflection about the growing instability of socio-ecosystems, in collaboration with other members of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute on Sustainability (IRIS), we explore some transdisciplinary  approaches to science education aiming at increasing the awareness of imaginaries and narratives that drive the research questions, political decisions, personal choices, and at promoting a transition towards ecological resilience and social equity.

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