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Biological Sciences  class  L-13

Natural Sciences class  L-32

Exercise and Sport Sciences  class  L-22

Cellular and Molecular Biology class LM-6 (held in English)

Cellular and Molecular Biology (Held in Italian, last year active on 2015/16)  Class LM-6 /D.M. 270

Environmental Biology class LM-6

Industrial Biotechnology class LM-8

Scienze e Gestione Sostenibile dei Sistemi Naturali (active from 2015/16 to 2017/18) class LM-60

Sciences of Natural Systems class LM-60 (D.M. 270)

Food and Human Nutrition class LM-61

Evolution of Animal and Human Behaviour class LM-60 (DM 270) and class 68/S (DM 509)

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