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Drug metabolising Enzymes




Two main families of human hepatic Phase I drug metabolizing enzymes are studied within our group. The applied strategies are enzymology, protein engineering, protein design by site-directed mutagenesis and directed evolution.

A particular emphasis is given to the study of human and bacterial cytochromes P450 including aromatase and human FMO3 of high applicative relevance in the fields of drug metabolism/drug discovery and personalized medicine (Polymorphic variants of these enzymes are also under study).

We clone and engineer a number of novel monooxygenases able to carry out specific reactions. Full structural and functional characterization of these enzymes will produce not only interesting fundamental knowledge of the enzymes properties but also applications in the fields of bioremediation, high-throughput drug screening assays and personalized medicine.


Research Projects

  • Individual variability in drug metabolism: Role of human hepatic monooxygenases in personalized medicine
  • Human aromatase in the brain: Role and regulation
  • Novel bacterial P450 and FMO proteins for biotechnological applications
  • P450 enzymes relevant to bioplastics
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