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Virus-host interaction

Interazione virus-cellula ospite




HCMV is an ubiquitous opportunistic pathogen that rarely causes symptomatic diseases in immunocompetent individuals. In contrast, HCMV infections can lead to life-threatening diseases in individuals with acquired or developmental deficiencies in innate and adaptive immunity. Indeed, HCMV causes significant morbidity and mortality in solid organ or bone marrow transplant recipients, cancer and AIDS patients. HCMV can also be vertically transmitted during pregnancy, representing the leading viral cause of congenital infections and birth defects.
Our current research focuses on the interface of HCMV-host interactions. We use molecular genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and bioinformatic approaches to understand how some of HCMV proteins:

1) determine the virus’s ability to infect a wide variety of target cell-types;
2) dysregulate host-cell gene expression creating a suitable cellular environment for replication;
3) counteract both intrinsic and innate antiviral responses.

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