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Research Support Area

Area Manager: Cristiano Lo Iacono 

  • Guidance and advice on competitive funding opportunities for basic and applied research and support for the design of sectoral, local, national and International projects.
  • Support for the correct management and reporting of local, national, international funding for basic and applied research; verification of the relevance and eligibility of costs (ESCO RDA) in relation to competitive research funding.
  • Support for the activities of the deputy research directors and / or department research commissions in relation to the procedures for assigning local research funds, research grants, doctoral scholarships and three-year department plans.
  • Administrative support for the definition of agreements, contracts and consultancy for research activities, additional research doctorate grants and funding for research grants.
  • Support for the procedures for activating research grants.
  • Support for the census and departmental monitoring of funding for basic and applied research (management IRIS-AP).
  • Support to the administrative management of the doctoral courses relating to the departments of the pole and to the agreements for additional doctoral scholarships in synergy with the research doctorates area.
  • Guidance and advice on funding opportunities for third mission activities (EP, international calls, POC) and management of funding.
  • Support for census activities and internal monitoring of public engagement activities (PE register).
  • Linking of activities related to research evaluation procedures (eg. VQR) and quality assurance of research (eg SUA-RD) and the Third Mission (SUA IS / TM cards).
  • Support for GDPR compliance in research projects.
  • Preparation of the practices of competence for the departmental governing bodies.

Internal: Lecturers, researchers, research fellows, PhD students.

External: Research institutes, public or private Entities, public or private, interested in developing research projects Entities, public or private, interested in scientific services

For general communications and requests write

For support

  • the planning, management and reporting of national, international and regional funding for research, by checking in advance the relevance and eligibility of costs;
  • guidance and advice on funding opportunities for research and innovation.

Write to:

The contact persons for these activities are:

Daniele Marione (Local, National and Regional projects)
Raffaella Marcuz (EU and international projects)

For support

  • the drafting and stipulation of institutional (research agreements) and commercial (third party activities) conventions;
  • guidance on contributions aimed at research in relation to the business world and      public and private entities.

The contact person for these activities is: Carla Lingua

For support

  • monitoring of data related to Research and Third Mission (Research Products, Projects and Agreements);
  • to the activities related to the assessment procedures (eg. VQR) and Quality assurance (eg. SUA-RD).

Write to:

The contact person for these activities is: Antonella Cirulli

For these issues, the Department also avails itself of the collaboration of Dr. Daniela Donna


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