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ICT, Web ed E-learning Services

The contents of this page are gradually being updated and, as such, are not to be considered definitive.

Manager: Angelo Saccà 
Email: ict.scienzenatura@unito.it  



  • Advice on ICT purchases and projects that impact upon the University Centre ICT services
  • Management of licenses (operating systems and software)
  • Assistance with multimedia systems in lecture halls and shared spaces (PCs - laptops - projectors and audio-visual devices)
  • Assistance with "ICT rooms" (rooms assigned to computer use)
  • Technical assistance with ICT workstations (PCs - laptops - portable devices - wireless printers)
  • Assistance with digital signage (iScreens)
  • Assistance with landline and mobile telephones
  • Assistance with WiFi networks
  • Network configuration and assistance with network services (authentication, wireless printer configuration, access to shared resources)
  • Support for digital archiving (dematerialization) services
  • ICT security and Continuity Management

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Web, multimedialità e social


  • Online content: the production, publication and organisation of online content for the Centre of Natural Sciences' websites, including accessibility and usability
  • Support for the promotion of online events (websites), social media and digital signage (iScreens)
  • iScreens: content production, publication and organization (programming) for the Centre of Natural Sciences' digital signage system
  • Social networks: support for the activation and monitoring of the Centre of Natural Sciences' online community spaces and social media profiles 
  • Publication of notifications for the Centre of Natural Sciences on University apps (MyUniTO+)

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E-learning, architetture e collaboration on line

E-learning, web architecture and online collaboration


  • Assistance with the Centre of Natural Sciences' e-learning projects
  • Assistance with the Centre of Natural Sciences' Moodle platform
  • Support for creating multimedia content in lessons and lectures
  • Assistance with online collaboration tools: document sharing, online calendars and web-conference services
  • Configuration and assistance document platforms

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