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Student Services

a quick overview of Unito for Students

Settore Internazionalizzazione 
Scuola di Scienze della Natura 
Roberta Scarzella

Sezione Mobilità e Didattica internazionale
Direzione Attività Istituzionali, Programmazione, Qualità e Valutazione
Phone:+39 0116704425
web: Mobilità Internazionale

Erasmus and Exchange Students

Administrative services for student

Via Santa Croce, 6 - 10123 Torino
phone: +39 0116709900 (live contact available from Monday to Friday  9.30 AM and 11.30 AM, a vocal mail service will be active in different timetable)

School of Science of Nature

Orientation is an activity whose purpose is help you get settled in and ready for study. 

Have a look to the first steps to get started

Information available on the University website

Relevant information on the University website

Information available on the School of Science of Nature website

Besides the study and computer rooms available on the Department you can find several others made available by EDISU Piemonte; the ideal place to study between classes and to meet other students. They are open to all university students.

Check the list

E-learning is a multimedia learning system via Internet and Intranet: the Turin University promote and support this learning mode for students and working staff.

Check the following e-learning opportunities for the Department 

E-learning Applications (Moodle)

Biological Sciences

Natural Sciences

For assistance and support


Atlante di Anatomia Comparata

Atlante di Botanica

Atlante di Citologia e Istologia

Atlante di Ecologia

Atlante di Zoologia degli Invertebrati


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