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The internationalization area of the Institutional Activities, Programming, Quality and Evaluation Division, supports the University's internationalization strategies and operates for the Department through the services offered by the International Office - Hub of Science of Nature.
The Office offers assistance to incoming and outgoing teachers and students for the management of mobilities, the negotiation of educational and scientific cooperation agreements with foreign universities, the coordination of international projects.
The Office also supports the process of pre-assessment and admission of students with a foreign degree by offering assistance, both to students and to teaching commissions, for the completion of administrative procedures related to enrollment and career.

Manager: Sara Colaone

The International Office – Hub of Science of Nature ensures a service of proximity for teachers and students on the following activities:

  • Support to international students
  • Assistance to teachers for international mobility
  • Management of international projects for teaching and mobility
  • Support to the staff to manage the procedures recommended by Erasmus programme
  • Management for incoming and outgoing student’s mobility, research projects and traineeship abroad
  • Support for implementation and/or drafting of academic cooperation partnership
  • Support for double degrees programs

The services provided by the office are addressed to teaching staff, technical and amministrative staff, fellow internship, phd and students in mobility and/or members of the Departments of the Hub.

Contact the International Office – Hub of Sciences of Nature:

We use Google Meet: You can arrange a meeting with a different software by sending an e-mail to specifiying what software you use (Skype, Webex or Zoom).

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